upgrades never work

Amol Karnik amol at memcad.com
Wed Dec 2 14:54:35 GMT 1998

hi all,

i'm sure i'm doing something totally wrong here.

i always get the latest cvs version after any major changes to the code,
and compile it, and install it. Whenver i do this, all the NT
workstations which used to be able to join my samba domain, are now
unable to join it when they reboot, saying that the machines dont have
an account. I then have to delete their entry from smbpasswd, get the
machines into standalone (not part of a domain). then add the machine to
the smbpasswd file using smbpasswd -a -m machinename. then change the
workstations to log on to the samba domain, then reboot.

is there any other way of doing this? every time the change the smbd and
nmbd daemons, i have to do this all over again, for all wkstations!

regards, and thanks in advance.

- amol

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