Latest CVS causes exception in lsass

Greg Dickie greg at
Tue Dec 1 01:35:04 GMT 1998

Well, it doesn't quite, at least not yet. I'm using CC on NT with samba instead
of NFS and it works very well. I'm just trying the PDC out with each each
leap in implementation and my gut feeling is its pretty close...


PS: Nice to see you Rational guys follow samba development, this is IMHO
excellent software. Does this mean that someday you will support it? ;-)

On 01-Dec-98 Seiichi Tatsukawa wrote:
>| There is also another way which you might be interested
>|in: ClearCase Doctor from Rational also seems to provoke it when it
> checks out
>|domain capabilities.
> You wouldn't expect ClearCase/NT works with Samba PDC, would you?
> ClearCase/NT calls quite a few Lsa*() APIs locally and remotely along with
> a lot of Net*() APIs. So, it requires Samba PDC to support quite a lot of
> Lsa and Samr RPCs.
> (Of course, NetLogon service (lsass) shouldn't die upon the receipt of a
> malformed reply. That can be used as a Denial-Of-Service attack.)
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