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Gerald Carter jerry at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Aug 28 21:06:29 GMT 1998

At 06:41 AM 8/29/98 +1000, John Burton wrote:
>  I just snarfed a copy of the 8/28/98 cvs version of samba which had
>the NTDOM code included. I compiled and started it, and was able to have
>an NT workstation join the domain servered by the Samba PDC (got the
>little box saying "Welcome to..."). Next I tried running the srvtools
>for Windows95 from a Windows95 laptop. As soon as I started either the
>Server Manager or the User Manager, I get "The RPC Server is not
>available". I also get the same message when I select the domain shown
>in the list. Can the Server tools for windows95 be used with a Samba
>PDC? if so, how? wht am I doing wrong?
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Check out the User administiation seciotn of the NTDOM FAQ
linked off the main samba page.

Hope this helps,
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