Problems with NT4.0 and samab 1.9.18p8

Dave J. Andruczyk dave at
Wed Aug 26 16:23:10 GMT 1998

	Here's an excerpt from one of our users who has been having a hell
of a time with Windows NT 4.0 (SP3, Office97 patched), with access to his
home directory on our main server.

It appears when he connects from NT, the dir is "read-only", and he can't
rename files, or create anything, but under Windoze 95 everything works

	I have a a log file of it,  but I don't think you want a 200K log
file sent to the list..  When I looked thru the log for some reason I see
a lot of "chdir /home/dave" lines. (my username on the system is dave), I
donno why those are in there, when I wasn't even connecting.

Can this be fixed, by changing the "announce version" parameter in
smb.conf to say that the server is "win95" ??

Excerpt from the disgruntled user:
>Then I tried \\butler\wertzcj and filled wertzcj in on the "connect as" box
>of the map network drive dialogue. In this case, it then asked for my
>password. I filled it in and connected fine.

>I am, however, still connected read only. If I try to alter the directory
>or file attributes from NT, it say "unable to ...."

Dave J. Andruczyk
Linux Systems Admin
Buffalo State College

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