Office97 & CVS code

Ryan Koski Ryan at
Mon Aug 24 19:53:26 GMT 1998

As a test, I tried setting all my masks (including the forced ones) to 777,
and restarting samba.  This didn't fix the problem. :-(

Ryan Koski
Management Information Systems
Distribution Architects International

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		> I have noticed a couple reports of users not being able to
		> Office97 files (or, at least, Word & Excel) to a SAMBA
share. Add my 
		> name to the list. I'm running the pre-alpha code current
as of this 
		> morning (8/24/98).
		> I've also noticed that no one on the SAMBA team has
responded to any 
		> of these reports yet. Any ideas guys?

		I'm wondering if you changed the value of the create mask
		I found if you take out the user-execute bits, then Word
cannot set
		the archive bit which it seems to want to do on some files,
it then
		complains a lot.

		John Harper
		Academic Computing Coordinator
		University of Toronto at Scarborough
		harper at

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