profiles problem

Dobos Sanyi cly at
Sun Aug 23 20:07:50 GMT 1998

I wrote some NT login crash methods before, lets look at some plus info
on NTs
login with profiles.

logon path set to \\servername\profile\%U\profile where the first
'profile' is a share

If there isnt any 'username'directory in share, NT creates one, putting
into it a 'profile' file with zero length.
At second login he creates a 'profile.pds' file again with zero length
Both times and further NT creates a local profile, and uses it (I turned
out the local profile cacheing in policies (they work!))

If I create the 'username' directory, NT does the same thing, exept the
creating the
'username' directory

If I create the 'profile' or profile.pds' files or directories (all
variant tried I think...) in the 'username directory, NT uses (and
creates ever again) the local profiles;
nothing will be copied to server.

If there is a 'username/profile' path (all directories) while NT logs
in, and I
rename the 'profile' directory to 'profile.pds' before NT logs out, NT
creates again
the 'profile' directory and copies the user's profile to it while logs
After that, the 'profile.pds' directory could be removed, and NT uses
the 'profile' directory!

Why is this????? HELPHELPHELPHELP!!!!

AND if somebody can tell me, how to automatise this (at least: renaming
a directory on server AFTER the user logged into NT, but BEFORE he logs

    Thanx                    Cly

(I use the 23th Aug CVS 2.0.0prealpha code of samba)

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