Samba 1.9.19pre-alpha as NT domain Client

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Thu Aug 20 13:14:31 GMT 1998

Dries, Joseph wrote:
> I have a situation where I need to share out UNIX user's home 
> directories (and other shares). I'd prefer to run Samba rather than 
> have to purchase, install, and support a usable NFS client on our NT 
> workstations.

Good choice.  Been there done that :)

> My problem is however, that I'm not able to authenticate any 
> users to the samba process. I tried user names in the form of 
> ACCT\uname, uname, RESDOM\uname, etc. with passwords for each 
> user account.

Set the debug level in Samba to about 20 and check for errors 
during the login attempt.  Can you get it to work with smbclient?  
I assumed you were trying to map a drive from the samba share onto 
an NT box.
> As a side note, if there is a user account in the resource domain, 
> and a user account in the ACCT domain, (and the user is logged into 
> the NTworkstation as ACCT\uname), which account does the samba server 
> try to authenticate?

Good question?  Jeremy?  Luke?

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