NT login crash in an other way...

Dobos Sanyi cly at sunshine.bke.hu
Wed Aug 19 18:41:50 GMT 1998


I have working netlogon and profiles share.
Netlogon has a ntconfig.pol which is working fine.
I wanted NT4WSSP3 roaming profiles place to the profiles share.
In smb.conf I set the logon path = \\server\profiles\%U and domain
logons = yes.
1. If I left Default User on NT, the user could log in and work, but the
    wont be saved
2. If I delete the Default User on NT, the user couldnt log in.
3. If I place the Default User on netlogon share, NT crashes after login

After restart I saw, that NT has a Default User (network) directory, but
there isnt
any ntuser.dat file
I simple copied the users profile directory to the profiles share.
The NT crashes after login.
The effect: on NT I can saw the users profile directory copied from
server, but
there isnt any ntuser.dat file again!

If I left the profiles share empty (no 'username' directory), NT said no
profile on
server, and logs in, creating profile from Default User. But it created
in profile
share a 'username' file. The second login it creates a 'username.pds'
file and

Please help me, I working on this problem for a week!
Thank You.

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