Clarification please...

Ryan Koski Ryan at
Tue Aug 18 14:55:03 GMT 1998


I think it might help to provide some clarification as to what "security
= domain" really means.  Based on the language of the NTDOM FAQ, myself
and others have ass'u'me'd that "join the domain" means exactly that: a
SAMBA server will join an existing domain just like another NT box.
However, this is not entirely the case, as the users must exist in
/etc/passwd in order to establish the UID's.  As such, I am not clear on
the difference between "security = domain" and "security = server".

Would it be possible to get a clearer description of this and an updated
FAQ?  It will probably save the SAMBA team a lot of repetitive questions
in the future...


Ryan Koski
Management Information Systems
Distribution Architects International Inc.

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