NT4.0 PDC and Samba help

Ankit Shah ankit at drillbit.tamu.edu
Tue Aug 18 13:32:20 GMT 1998

:-)But I have been told that I need to create user accounts on the Samba
:-)server as well.. I was trying to avoid that..   Hmmm.  but I also wanted
:-)to verify: If I set security = server , the password needed to connect
:-)will be the NT Domain account password?  or will it get mixed up with
:-)the unix password in /etc/passwd?
You do need user accounts on samba server but not with password. Password
field can be locked. Samba only uses /etc/passwd to get user ids, when you
set security = server and provide NT server as the password server, it
gets user authenticate from NT server rather than /etc/passwd.

In our setup we do have passwords in /etc/passwd because we use the same
passwd file for authenticating on mail and web server. But if you are
_only_ using it as file server, and do not want people to access through
telnet or ftp, no passwd is fine.

:-)So, basically the only benefit of using Security = Domain is when I need
:-)to use Samba as the Domain Controller of an NT network? Is there any
:-)other reason for setting it = Domain? 
Not really. For your purpose security = server is okay. Plus, the domain
code for samba is still under development, and you can expect some things
to break. In short, if you dont need it dont use it.

Hope this helps.


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