NT4.0 PDC and Samba help

Akira Matsuno matsaki at statcan.ca
Tue Aug 18 13:53:34 GMT 1998

Ankit Shah wrote:
> It looks like you may not need to make Samba as PDC ... Do you have a NT
> server already ? If yes, just make samba join the domain controlled by NT
> server, and you will be able to do all you want except authenticating NT
> logins from samba...I think this is not what you want, you just need a
> file server. In my view, you should be more than fine with samba joining
> Nt controlled domain.

You are correct.  I'm *not* trying to get Samba setup as a PDC.  I
already have a NT Server PDC, and I have let my Samba server "join" the
domain.  And with this setup,  I wanted to use my NT domain accounts to
be used to authenticate connecting to shares I created on the Samba
server (ie. the matsaki share in my smb.conf file)... 

But I have been told that I need to create user accounts on the Samba
server as well.. I was trying to avoid that..   Hmmm.  but I also wanted
to verify: If I set security = server , the password needed to connect
will be the NT Domain account password?  or will it get mixed up with
the unix password in /etc/passwd?

> :-)workgroup = IMAD
> :-)guest account = nobody
> :-)security = domain
> this will change to security=server or security = user

So, basically the only benefit of using Security = Domain is when I need
to use Samba as the Domain Controller of an NT network? Is there any
other reason for setting it = Domain? 

The FAQ says it makes the Samba server a full member of the Domain.. I
guess like an NT Workstation.. but a  workstation gets to use the domain
user and  groups database at least.. (I know groups are not supported as
of yet...)  maybe its not a full member?   anyone care to elaborate?

Thanx for all the responses from everyone ... I wish I knew about this
mailing list sooner :)

* Akira Matsuno
* Network Administrator / Oracle DBA
* Statistics Canada
* Ottawa Ontario

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