NT4.0 PDC and Samba help

Ankit Shah ankit at drillbit.tamu.edu
Mon Aug 17 19:32:27 GMT 1998

It looks like you may not need to make Samba as PDC ... Do you have a NT
server already ? If yes, just make samba join the domain controlled by NT
server, and you will be able to do all you want except authenticating NT
logins from samba...I think this is not what you want, you just need a
file server. In my view, you should be more than fine with samba joining
Nt controlled domain.

If you want specifics, let  me know. I have done this recently.

Hope this helps.

Ankit shah

:-)workgroup = IMAD
:-)guest account = nobody
:-)security = domain

this will change to security=server or security = user

:-)password server = imad1
:-)encrypt passwords = yes
:-)domain master = no
:-)wins server =
:-)interfaces =
:-)dns proxy = no
:-)comment = Akira's Private Directory
:-)path = /usr/users/matsaki
:-)writable = yes
:-)valid users = akirasvr
:-)public = no
:-)guest ok = no
:-)comment = IMAPS1 Apps Share
:-)path = /usr/samba/samba1/apps
:-)public = yes
:-)read only = no

Everything else looks fine.

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