Changing WS password every new installation

Anders Blomdell anders.blomdell at
Fri Aug 14 14:22:44 GMT 1998

>> Is the password changed by the WS after the domain
>> joining?
>Precisely. Otherwise anyone could join your domain by setting their
>machine name to that of one of your workstations...

>Setting the password of the WS everytime you (re)install NT is
>somewhat annoying (especially if you forget to do it, since the unattend
>installation will fail. Well it doesn't exactly, it just needs user input, so
>the installation is no longer unattended).
In some bright future Samba will be able to let unattended setups join
domains by specifying

  CreateComputerAccount = USERNAME, PASSWORD

in the unattend file (where USERNAME and PASSWORD belongs to somebody with
sufficient privileges to add machines to the domain). But there is one
caveat, the unattend file is saved as


on the newly installed machine, with a USERNAME and PASSWORD for everyone
to read. So be very careful when doing unattended installs in public labs,
and remember to remove at least that file...


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