Samba NT Domain - NT login crash

Ignacio Coupeau icoupeau at
Fri Aug 14 09:15:57 GMT 1998


I'm testing the latest CVS I have (980810). I'm very confused because I
can log at first time __if and only if__ the netlogon and profile
directories are empty; the second time the logon becomes in a pretty
blue screen. After the first logon, the profile is created by the WS,
and the NTuser.DAT too, but the follows logons becomes in a crash.

If I make a copy of the policy and/or profiles, smb.conf, smbpasswd,
etc. that runs in an other PDC (980722) in the new PDC, the logon also

Between this summer and the sunday I going to test carefully the
problem, but is very odd. The problem is similar with the 4.2.  Does the
RedHat 5.1 solve the problem?
Some one obtains similar results?

Andre Gerhard wrote:
> Hello Ignacio,
> I have read your posting in the Samba NT Domain List about
> 'NT login crash' and I would like to know if you have found
> a solution to this problem ...
> After I upgraded my system yesterday (12/08), I started to get
> exactly the same errors as you ... My system is a Pentium
> running Linux RedHat 5.0. The O.S. of the clients is Windows NT
> Workstation 4.0 (USA Version) with SP3.
> Thank you for any help,
> Andre Gerhard
> Systems/Network Administrator
> Universidade de Sao Paulo - SP - Brazil

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