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Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Thu Aug 13 18:12:03 GMT 1998

On Fri, 14 Aug 1998, Ryan Koski wrote:

> Maybe I'm misunderstanding how SAMBA/NTDOM is supposed to work.  Is it
> supposed to be possible to get a SAMBA server to get ALL of it's auth
> info from an NT PDC without having to administer user accounts on the
> SAMBA server whatsoever?  Or do I need to have user accounts on the
> SAMBA server for each of my NT domain users?

Sorry.  I didn't catch this the first time around.  Current you have to
put user's in /etc/passwd on the unix box.  You can set * for the password
and give them and invalid shell as well.  The entries in /etc/passwd are
not for validation but rather obtaining a uid for the user.

In the future, samba will be able to create these NT RID <-> Unix uid
mapping automatically, but for the moment, the user **must** have any
entry in /etc/passwd.

Does that explain things?  I will document this in the NTDOM FAQ in the
next day or so.

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