security = domain

Ryan Koski Ryan at
Thu Aug 13 17:38:53 GMT 1998

Well, I commented out said line and rebuilt everything.  I can now
browse the shares on my SAMBA machine (the logs show it using the
"nobody" account).  Interestingly, all the shares appear in explorer
with names in ALL CAPS.  I can access those shares if there is a user
account on the Linux box with the same name as my NT domain username.
However, if I delete that user account from the Linux box, I cannot
access those shares anymore.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding how SAMBA/NTDOM is supposed to work.  Is it
supposed to be possible to get a SAMBA server to get ALL of it's auth
info from an NT PDC without having to administer user accounts on the
SAMBA server whatsoever?  Or do I need to have user accounts on the
SAMBA server for each of my NT domain users?


Ryan Koski
Management Information Systems

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		Ryan Koski wrote:

		> [1998/08/12 17:38:11, 0] smbd/uid.c:become_gid(136)
		>   Couldn't set gid 500 currently set to (0,0)
		> [1998/08/12 17:38:11, 0]
		>   Can't become connected user!

		This looks to me like another broken 'setresuid' call.
Strange, I
		thought it had been fixed in Redhat 5.1 (maybe not).

		Try commenting out (enclose in /* ... */) the #define
		line in config.h and do a clean recompile ("make clean;


		Matt Chapman
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