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Wed Aug 12 13:26:18 GMT 1998

> Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1998 18:57:59 +0200
> From: Christian Kumpf <SmurfSoft at>
> To: Andrew Perrin - Demography <aperrin at>
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> Subject: Re: PDC password changes
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> >> 6.) samba/unix password synchronization
> >I have a hack I've developed that listens to a socket on the server then
> >changes the smbpasswd file; the daemon handles both passwd and smbpasswd
> >and the client sends it a string over the socket from other machines.
> >This works, but: (1) it's not exactly elegant; and (2) there are some
> >serious security concerns if you think your network might be sniffed.
> Security issues are not important in this context (at least for me). Do
> you have a WinNT client program for this solution? In this project I
> don't want the users to log in on the linux server - the password is
> used for pop-3 authentication. So, if I had a program, that allows
> the password change from the NT box, this problem is solved.

I wrote a web-based password changer that changes both /etc/shadow and the
smbpasswd file -- it is all written in perl (plus a patch to smbpasswd.c
to make it shut up when it does something successfully), so it should be
easy to modify for your purposes.  It is located at:

It works great for our purposes.

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