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Andrew Perrin - Demography aperrin at demog.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Aug 11 16:55:04 GMT 1998

Wow, you're asking for a lot.  See below for what we've got:

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On Wed, 12 Aug 1998, Christian Kumpf wrote:

> Hello,
> does anybody have a cvs snapshot with the following things
> working:
> 1.) domain logins
Yes, very reliably in a domain of about 20 NT machines.

> 2.) password changeable on the client side with the Ctl-Alt-Del-Dialog
Nope - I don't think this is implemented yet.

> 3.) server based profiles
Yes, reliably except that NT has an irritating habit of asking users
questions they can't possibly understand ("Your locally-stored profile is
newer than your domain profile.  Download or use local?" is a favorite).
But that's not Samba's problem.

> 4.) file and printer sharing (of course :-)

> and optionally (minor importance)
> 5.) support for the domain user manager (it currently simply crashes)
Again, I believe this is not yet supported.

> 6.) samba/unix password synchronization
I have a hack I've developed that listens to a socket on the server then
changes the smbpasswd file; the daemon handles both passwd and smbpasswd
and the client sends it a string over the socket from other machines.
This works, but: (1) it's not exactly elegant; and (2) there are some
serious security concerns if you think your network might be sniffed.

> 7.) profile migration (i.e. the ability to move local profiles to the server)
Haven't tried it.

> 8.) support for Novells Netware Shell, actually the attempt to do
>    a domain login on a machine with the novell shell crashes the client.
Haven't tried it.

> I'm currently using a cvs snapshot from Jul 22 20:03, I've tested some
> snapshots after that, but I didn't get one to work (locking + configure
> defined in  the makefile and tried both unix password sync=yes/no
> in the config file.
> My setting is
> clients: NT 4.0 WS (german) + SP3
> server: Linux 2.0.35 (Caldera
> Openlinux Lite 1.2.010)
> Thanks in advance,
> 	Christian
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