Samba source code rearrangement

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Mon Aug 10 02:39:13 GMT 1998

I've just completed a major rearrangement of the Samba source
tree. The old "stick it all in one directory" layout had grown very
unwieldy and was getting in the way of clean development.

Anyone who has been fetching Samba via CVS (anonymous or
authenticated) will need to do a clean checkout of the tree. Trying to
just do a "cvs update" will fail because the rearrangement required
direct CVS repository changes which the CVS update mechanism cannot

Also, anyone who has been working on branches off the main tree will
now need to work in the head branch, or ask for a new branch to be
created. All branches apart from the head branch will have been broken
by the rearrangement.

There are still some minor changes to be made in the tree layout, but
they should be able to be handled with the normal CVS mechanisms.

Note that the old tree is still available in CVS as "sambaold" but I
don't expect that any more development will happen in that tree.

      Cheers, Tridge

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