Novell IntraNetware Client & PDC crashes

louis.botha at louis.botha at
Thu Aug 6 11:01:57 GMT 1998

Hello all,

We are in the unfortunate position that we are forced to use the
IntraNetware client from Novell. Don't ask why - it's a long story :) 

The client behaves rather strangely.  From the samba logs it seems that
when a user logs into the domain, the authentication works, the user
registry is read and the files in the profile directories are read. 
The client then tries to execute an illegal instruction and the entire
NT box crashes.  Oh joy.  

The client does not crash when I connect to a real NT PDC.  If I
uninstall the Intranetware client, I can log in successfully using a
Samba PDC.

Does anyone have any idea why this might happen when I switch to a
Samba PDC?

Louis Botha                                Computer Science Department
louis.botha at                    University of Pretoria
Tel: +27-12-420-3617                       Pretoria
Cell: +27-82-924-4616                      South Africa 

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