GPF on logon to Samba domain

Celso Kopp Webber webber at
Thu Aug 6 02:59:50 GMT 1998


    I've updated from the CVS recently, and this happened
exactly the same way for me! If I don't logon to the
the samba PDC, all works fine, and still can access shares,
printers, etc. This means authentication is working ok!



Matthew Chapman wrote:

> Latest CVS update of Samba (after the autoconf merge) seems to have
> broken a lot of things.
> For a start the NT logon process segfaults shortly after the "Logon in
> progress" dialog disappears. This is bad for people logging in.
> >From a quick examination of the logs the only thing that seems abnormal
> is that NT tries to access a pipe \browser, which fails since it's not
> implemented. I don't remember this happening before when things were
> working.
> Anyone else having similar problems? Any ideas what has happened or
> where to look to fix it?
>         Matt
> --
> Matt Chapman
> mattyc at

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