SUMMARY: Initial info on Samba?

Chance W. Eppinette eppinette at
Thu Apr 30 14:29:53 GMT 1998

I figured I would go ahead and quickly summarize about my question.
Several people of already responded to me that what I ask is possible
but I should direct my questions to samba at samba.
I already feel more comfortable about our tasks.

> Hello,
> We are getting ready to setup some small 6-12 station labs in some
> of our Dorms.  We will be using the thin-client scenario where the
> clients will be served from a CITRIX NT box for most applications.
> We have a fairly large SUN box where all student accounts are located
> for email, web purposes, etc.
> We would like to be able to make the thin-client logon authentication
> back to the NT box be in sync with the user account on the SUN box.
> Also, we would like for any specific profiles, such as Netscape
> settings, application settings, etc, to be resident with the
> SUN account.  Also any files created with WINTEL environment would be
> saved back to shares on the SUN box.
> I kindof gather that SAMBA can do this, but I would really appreciate
> any backup of this.  Also if anyone out there is doing this or something
> similar, could you feel us in on any hurdles we need to be looking for?

Thank you.

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