Initial info on Samba?

Chance W. Eppinette eppinette at
Thu Apr 30 13:41:19 GMT 1998


We are getting ready to setup some small 6-12 station labs in some
of our Dorms.  We will be using the thin-client scenario where the
clients will be served from a CITRIX NT box for most applications.
We have a fairly large SUN box where all student accounts are located
for email, web purposes, etc.
We would like to be able to make the thin-client logon authentication
back to the NT box be in sync with the user account on the SUN box.
Also, we would like for any specific profiles, such as Netscape
settings, application settings, etc, to be resident with the
SUN account.  Also any files created with WINTEL environment would be
saved back to shares on the SUN box.

I kindof gather that SAMBA can do this, but I would really appreciate
any backup of this.  Also if anyone out there is doing this or something
similar, could you feel us in on any hurdles we need to be looking for?

Thanks for any info,
Chance Eppinette
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