Slowness w/ large passwd file (fwd)

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Thu Apr 30 13:04:43 GMT 1998

dana, here is a relevant message from the pam-list.

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Michael K. Johnson wrote:
> "Kristof Van Damme" writes:
> >Just confirming the phenomenon here. About 8 months ago we needed a
> >major CPU upgrade to overcome the problem on a machine with 9000
> >acounts.
> >We are now reaching 18.000 accounts and are faced with the same
> >problem.
> Are you using passwd files or NIS?

> Have you tried using the pam_unix modules?  They are reportedly faster
> than pwdb at this time (pwdb has more features).

Eeh... on a stock RHL 5.0 I get:

[dlerror: /lib/security/ undefined symbol: crypt]

trying those modules.

Think I'm gonna compile a pamless POP daemon. See what difference that

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