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> Hi. I'm absolutelly new in Samba, and I've a big problem, but don't know
> if it is a configuration problem.
> I have a Samba PDC installed on a server which acts as anonymous ftp. In
> the public directory of the ftp i have diferent programs for
> installations, such as office, win95, and shareware programs.
> My problem is when i try to install some of this programs. For example, I
> have VisualC++ V5 in a directory called
> /home/ftp/pub/Win95/programing/VisualC
> and is configured in smb.conf as
> [Masters]
> path = /home/ftp/pub
> If i install VisualC it works, but having Office97 in
> /home/ftp/pub/Win95/suites/Office97
> when i try to run install.exe Nt Server 4.0 says it can't find install.exe
> in \\SERVER\Masters\Win95\Suites\Office97\install.exe

I already noticed such a problem. It's a problem with capital letters in 8.3 directory as Win95 and Suites.

Several options in smb.conf can be used to tune the way samba works with case.
These options are "case sensitive" "default case" "preserve case" "short preserve case"

With "preserve case=yes" and  "short preserve case=no", the case is preserved
for long filenames while 8.3 filenames are lowered. With these options, a
8.3 unix file with capitals can accessed from an nt workstation and new 8.3 
files are lowered.
But if a program uses a path with a 8.3 directory with a capital it doesn't
work. I don't know why it's probably a bug.

With "preserve case=no" and "short preserve case=no", the case is not preserved
at all. With these options, you can open a unix file with capitals but all
new files are lowered.

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