What is the User Account System (UAS)?

Paul Ashton paul at argo.demon.co.uk
Tue Apr 28 22:55:15 GMT 1998

lkcl at regent.push.net said:

> > >   The Netlogon service is executed to replicate the user accounts system 
> > >   (UAS) database between a primary domain controller (PDC), a backup domain 
> > >   controller (BDC), and member servers, and to validate logons to the
> > >   logical domain the servers are in. 

> the first part is factually incorrect.  \PIPE\NETLOGON is for logins;
> \PIPE\samr is for SAM replication.  ah, they are referring to
> \PIPE\NETLOGON _not_ the [netlogon] share that you load policies and batch
> files from.
> that's why it's confusing.

No, they are referring to the Netlogon *service*, i.e. "net start 


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