Samba PDC as a password server

John R Lane lanejohn at
Tue Apr 28 21:38:06 GMT 1998

    Dana> All this talk about passwords leads me to ask the
    Dana> question... Are there any plans for an "official" way to get
    Dana> Unix users into the smbpasswd file?  Without resorting to
    Dana> patched GINA (which is impractical if you need to use the
    Dana> Netware GINA anyway), the only way I can think of is to tell
    Dana> users that the first time they log into an NT machine, they
    Dana> need to log in as a guest (with restricted permissions),
    Dana> then run telnet to the Unix machine, then change their
    Dana> password.  Does anyone know of a better way?  I realize this

It would seem that one could use PAM (for those running Solaris or RH
Linux, at least) on the unix side and have it relay a user's (correct)
password to the samba server.  Not pretty, but ... has anyone done
this?  Of course, this would mean they would have to log into a unix
box first.

jrl.  (Sorry if this is off-topic.)

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Department of Computer Science
Michigan State University

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