Samba PDC as a password server

Dana Canfield canfield at
Tue Apr 28 21:24:28 GMT 1998

All this talk about passwords leads me to ask the question... Are there any
plans for an "official" way to get Unix users into the smbpasswd file?
Without resorting to patched GINA (which is impractical if you need to use
the Netware GINA anyway), the only way I can think of is to tell users that
the first time they log into an NT machine, they need to log in as a guest
(with restricted permissions), then run telnet to the Unix machine, then
change their password.  Does anyone know of a better way?  I realize this
would be a (bigger) problem even with a "real" NT server.

Another thing I couldn't quite understand from the smb.conf file is the
password chat stuff.  Am I correct in understanding that this can be used to
tell Samba to change the user's unix password when it receives a request to
change the smb password?  If so, is there a place to specify which passwd
command to use?

Thanks all!


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