domain admin syntax?

Chris Bray cbray at
Fri Apr 24 21:06:51 GMT 1998

I've been wanting to use the usrmgr.exe app to change my name from
<Full Name> to something a tad more descriptive, and was wondering
what the proper syntax for that command is?  (I've been reading
the list archives, faqs, etc and haven't stumbled across this bit
of info).

And while I'm asking, what's the syntax for "domain groups" and
"domain guest"?

This is the conf line I've used:

   domain admin users = cbray

I login to a workstation in the domain as cbray, and when I try and 
change info on a user, I get this error:

"The system call level is not correct."

Everything else works great...roaming profiles, logins, encrypted password, etc...
Great work guys!

 - chris

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