SMBPasswd in NTDOM

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Fri Apr 24 18:07:51 GMT 1998

Andrew Perrin - Demography wrote:
> Can anyone enlighten me as to the role of the last field in the smbpasswd
> file in ntdom (LCT-*)?  Because of the problem we're having (previously
> posted) with smbpasswd being unable to manipulate the smbpasswd file, I
> tried simply bypassing it and adding entries without that final field;
> they seem to work okay but I'd love some confirmation that I'm not doing
> irreparable harm....

LCT- is my invention - it stands for 'Last Change Time'
and is a standard UNIX timestamp (seconds since Jan 1 1970)
encoded as 8 HEX bytes in ascii. It's not used at present
but will be used for timing out passwords and knowing when
to change the machine account password etc.

I'll document all this new stuff when I do the docs review
& update for the 1.9.19alpha1 release (no date yet - still
coding frantically :-).



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