Adding machine with smbpasswd

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Thu Apr 23 16:24:18 GMT 1998

David Bannon wrote:

> Looking at the source, when the -m option is used, the next parameter (the
> machine name) is stored in a variable, user_name, has its $ appended but is
> then used in a getpwnam(user_name) which of course fails, returns NULL, we
> exit saying 'cannot find in passwd list'.

When adding machine accounts, you now need to add the
machine account name (including the '$') to the local
UNIX password database. This is to ensure that we have
a valid uid - RID mapping for all machine accounts.

Sorry, it's not in the docs yet - I'm still working
on the 1.9.19prealpha code. Working out what the 
code does from the code & the CVS commit messages
is one of the challenges of being on the HEAD branch
I'm afraid :-). Fixing the docs will come last, sorry.

> Have I got the syntax wrong ?? The man page doesn't know about it yet. I
> used :

smbpasswd -a -m machine

is the correct syntax.

Hope this helps,

	Jeremy Allison.
	Samba Team.

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