Adding machine with smbpasswd

David Bannon D.Bannon at
Thu Apr 23 03:28:23 GMT 1998

All this talk about adding a machine over the wire...

All I want to do is add it locally ! There was mention a while ago about
the option to add a machine being added to smbpasswd programme. The option
is recognised but does not appear to be acted upon correctly.

Looking at the source, when the -m option is used, the next parameter (the
machine name) is stored in a variable, user_name, has its $ appended but is
then used in a getpwnam(user_name) which of course fails, returns NULL, we
exit saying 'cannot find in passwd list'.

Have I got the syntax wrong ?? The man page doesn't know about it yet. I
used :

smbpasswd -m machine    and
smbpasswd -a -m machine

Any suggestions ?

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