domain logons and netlogon share

John Harper harper at
Wed Apr 22 19:10:33 GMT 1998

I've configured a Samba PDC to autheticate domain logons, it all seems
to work. I also configured a netlogon share as suggested in the Blair
book - a root preexec runs a script to create a logon bat file on the
fly and log the connection, and a postexec cleans up the bat file and 
logs the logout.

But the connection/disconnection of this share does not seem to entirely
correspond to my actually doing a domain login/logout on the client
NTSP3 machine. And it is not consistent, which is most frustrating.

For example, I login and the bat file is created and a log made.
I then logout and sometimes the postexec script does not run, the bat
file is left around and no logout message is recorded (and if this
happens, my next login does not trigger the preexec script).
If I leave things alone for a while, then eventually the postexec will
run, but it could be several minutes after I really logged out.
But other times, when I log out (perhaps after being connected for only
a few seconds), the postexec does run....

The samba log files show that sometimes the netlogon share is not being
disconnected right away, and if the preexec is missing it's because the
share was not connected to on logon. I'm guessing the client workstation
is somehow holding onto the share, but this seems silly - when I logout
I expect the connection to be wholly gone. Is there a way to fix this??

I'm also wondering what happens if I've set the dead time parameter -
will the netlogon share be dropped sometime during a real session, thus
showing an early logout time?


John Harper
Academic Computing Coordinator
University of Toronto at Scarborough
harper at

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