Disabling Profile Caching on NT4.x

David Bannon D.Bannon at latrobe.edu.au
Wed Apr 22 00:12:44 GMT 1998

At 16:58 21/04/1998 +1000, Wolfgang Ratzka wrote:

>Please note, however, that NT's strategy for server-based profiles
>will always have problems with quotas or any disk space limitations:
>The profiles are copied from the server when the user logs in, and
>copied back to the server when the user logs out. 
>... if size of the user's (local) profile directory tree should
>have grown beyond the space available on the server, there will be a

But the users does (might ?) get a warning, read on ....

I was conserned that as these files get bigger and bigger, each logon and
logout gets slower and slower and duplicates of the files are scattered
over every machine in use.

Pretty difficult to get users to individually log out of shared computers
with the increasing overhead that involves. For our application, W95 option
of no profiles is much quicker (read usable), less wastefull of disk space
and safer. ("All uses of this PC use the same desktop and preferences

I looked for a way to get samba to force this onto a NTWS by changing
ownership of the profile tree after its first appearance. However, NTWS
detects my fiddling and flashes warnings up to the user. I assume the same
warnings would appear if disk quota was exceeded (again, while copying a
profile back to the server). 

Could we have a (samba) option that lies to the NTWS, says "Yeah, I saved
it all for you" and does not do so. Users can be made understand that
things left on desktop are not saved and learn to put their files in their
homes dir.


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