Machine password encrypted by admin password in SP3?

Paul Ashton paul at
Tue Apr 21 18:06:03 GMT 1998

Paul Leach says (I think) that from SP3 when a workstation joins a
domain from the client side, i.e. "use this account to add machine
to domain", it will encrypt a new random machine password instead of
setting it to the default (hostname in unicode). Can someone
confirm this as it has implications for a Samba PDC.

To confirm it, can someone try adding an SP3 workstation to
an SP3 PDC and see what the password gets set to *before*
the workstation reboots. You can use lsadump (anyone got a
compiled copy of the LSA secrets program I sent to ntbugtraq
months ago? it would be useful for the FAQ), or you can
use pwdump to dump the SAM on the PDC and compare with
the password in a Samba smbpasswd file for a hostname$


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