Disabling Profile Caching on NT4.x

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at regent.push.net
Tue Apr 21 08:06:27 GMT 1998

> One could consider a setup, where the physical disk space on the NT
> system partition is limited, so that the above situation cannot
> arise. But I don't want to know what other performance problems you
> are going to run into, when space on "C:" is running low.

i'd call having your MEMORY.DMP file overwriting the %systemroot%
partition (turning it into raw) because you ran out of swap space on the
same drive "a performance problem", yes.

warning: don't ever run %systemroot% as NTFS on NT 4 server with not
enough space for a kernel dump on a crash.  or disable the memory dump.


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