have to set "oplocks = false" for Word

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Mon Apr 20 19:02:26 GMT 1998

Jeremy Allison wrote:
> > One thing that is missing from the main branch is being able to add a 
> > machine to the password file using `smbpasswd -add -m <machine name>'.
> > The -m option is missing....
> >
> Fixed that ages ago (oh.... sometime last week I think :-).
> Remember, on the main branch you're moving in Internet
> time :-) :-).


After playing around some and e-mailing back and forth with Michael, it
seems that something is broken in the smbpasswd utility.  Here's the
output from the source I compiled about 5 minutes ago ( updated just 
prior to that ).

[root at nowhere /etc]30$ ./smbpasswd -a -m testmachine
./smbpasswd: User "testmachine$" was not found in system password file.

This worked about two weeks ago I know because I am still using the
binary compiled from then.  Is this new expected behavior?  I know there
was talk of machine account in /etc/passwd but I never thought anything
happened with it yet.

I guess all of the comes just after the "OK - Everyone stop using

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