have to set "oplocks = false" for Word

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Mon Apr 20 14:17:01 GMT 1998

Dana Canfield wrote:
> He might be getting confused by the way smbpasswd seems to work.  I've
> noticed that
> if you don't run smbpasswd as root, it won't let you use the -m option
> (probably a good thing, of course) and even when you do run as root, 
> if you do an smbpasswd -h, it has nomention of the -m option.
> This may be perfectly acceptable behavior, but maybe it should be
> documented somewhere?  I don't think the man page even mentions it.
> This is from memory, so the details might be wrong, but that's
> generally how I recall it worked.

[root at mymachine local]12$ /etc/local/smbpasswd -h
Usage is : /etc/local/smbpasswd [-D DEBUGLEVEL] [-a] [-d] [-m] [-n]
[username] [password]
/etc/local/smbpasswd: [-R <name resolve order>] [-D DEBUGLEVEL] [-r
machine] [username] [password]
/etc/local/smbpasswd: [-h]

Ummm...Again I'm confused.  Either way though.  Both BRANCH_NTDOM and
the main branch will support  'smbpasswd -a -m MACHINE' to add a machine
account to smbpasswd file.

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