What about arcfour now ?

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Mon Apr 20 12:53:40 GMT 1998

David Bannon wrote:
> Whats the story about ARCFOUR.C ? I know it had to be manually added in
> to the early versions but 'believed' that it was now included in the
> cvs main branch ? Is that so ?

In the main branch, the code is self sufficient.  If you use
BRANCH_NTDOM, you will need to get the arcfour.[c|h] files.  

> I noticed in archives that Gerald Carter told someone to look at the
> notes "USE_ARCFOUR" but I cannot find any notes like these !

Sorry.  Should have been more specific.  Check the list archives for
information on arcfour ( and for the files themselves ) 


> The (NTDOMAIN) FAQ seems to be off the air at present, machine is
> there, but it does not want to talk web, hm....

Strange...Out of my hands really (i'm not the webmaster here ) but if
you are still having problems this morning, I can look into them.  I
assume you're talking about the "sorely needed to be updated" FAQ at my
page :)

I'll work on it some today.  Really!  I promise this time.

As always. Corrections welcome.
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