have to set "oplocks = false" for Word

Michael Keightley mk at quadstone.co.uk
Sun Apr 19 11:39:08 GMT 1998

> Michael Keightley wrote:
> > 
> > I have had to set "oplocks = false" in the homes section of my smb.conf
> > otherwise when I try to open an existing word document from a network
> > drive I get the error:
> > 
> > "Word failed reading from the file (xxxx)
> >  Please restore the network connection or
> >  replace the floppy or disk and retry"
> > 
> > I am using BRANCH_NTDOM version of samba.  This doesn't happen with
> > 1.9.18p4.   Anyone got any ideas?
> > 
> I would get the latest cvd version of the main branch.  The NTDOM has
> been merged in for the most part.  This seemed to get rid of some file
> problems I had with BRANCH_NTDOM.  No file corruption but a copy with /v
> would fail the verify ( although nothing would be wrong with the file
> itself ).

One thing that is missing from the main branch is being able to add a machine
to the password file using `smbpasswd -add -m <machine name>'.  The -m option
is missing....

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