Loss of WinNT 4.0 PDC moving to Samba.

mathewss at nutech.com mathewss at nutech.com
Fri Apr 17 23:44:56 GMT 1998

 Well after an uptime of 120 days my pdc (a 486 66 1.6gig)
died. this is the second one i have had the first was mixed
in with existing systems (web servers etc) and was a real
pain when it died. backup pdc didnt seem to help me. in the
end i replaced it with a new one the 486. now im back
to square 1. i have samba with the ntdom up and running
works fine (Good job people.) here is my problem.
The last time i lost my pdc all of the profiles i had
for all of my systems were messed up and not recoverable.
after building a new pdc i had to remove each system from
the domain and back on the domain again and in the process
i lost the profiles (well most of it) i was able to recover 
some by copying folders under the \profile\ path.
 So here is my Q. im back in the same place again but
before i go and mess with all of my boxes i would like
to know if anyone has a good procedure for recovering 
the existing profiles.. I tried haveing my new samba
pdc impersonate the old pdc by setting the SID to the 
same as the old one :( that didnt seem to work. Any 
ideas on what i should do. or should i just take my lumps
and move on...

 Best regards
 Sean M
 Nu Tech.

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