PDC authentication

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at regent.push.net
Fri Apr 17 11:57:35 GMT 1998

On Fri, 17 Apr 1998, Danny Braniss wrote:

> Dana Canfield wrote:
> > 
> > Judging from the number of .edu addresses, I suspect that many of who are
> > "going production" with the current CVS code are doing so because the decision
> > has been made to use NT in labs or desktops in the next school year.  We need
> > to avoid setting up several WinNT servers just to switch back to Unix/Samba
> > the following year when the code is "stable".
> > 
> true, except that we are running labs with NT for the past year :-(, with a
> severly hacked GINA to allow us do do Unix authentication.
> I was expecting to switch to Samba-PDC this comming semester, but we couldn't
> finish the testing in time. 
> I made some changes to the authentication scheme, so that we can have a 
> unified-authentication for both MS & Unix. These changes rely on the fact that 
> we have an Authentication-Server. All this is very local, and I don't expect it
> to be part of the standard samba code, but it would be (very) nice if some
> way is found to isolate the smb authentication routines so that a 'different'
> method can be used. As it is, I will be spending part of the weekend porting 
> the changes - yet again - to the latest version, knowing that it won't be the 
> last time.


1) send in the patches to samba-bugs: make sure they are all #ifdef'd so
that you either use your database or you use private/smbpasswd but not
both.  i'll merge them into the main branch.

jean-francois, once this is done, can you add a #ifdef for ldap and send
me your current stuff, too?  make sure it's exclusive.

so you either use danny's database, or you use private/smbpasswd, or you
use ldap.  but definitely not in combination or in a fall-back manner.

2) use cvs - it will make your job of keeping things current a lot easier.

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