Security = user workaround

Simon R. Hall simon at
Fri Apr 17 02:40:35 GMT 1998

On Thu, 16 Apr 1998, Ron Szeto wrote:

> I like to understand what type of user level problems you are referring
> to and why Samba can not fix them.  --Ron

[posting to list too, as I don't think I explained this at all well.. ]
This is possibly a bit off-topic for this list, sorry. I don't read the
main list ( life's too short and I don't get many "normal" samba problems
I can't fix ).

Set security = user in smb.conf. On a Win95 box, go to the Access Control
tab on the Network control panel, and set User-level access control, and
set the domain to your Samba domain. Go and share something.. you can't
get a list of users and groups from the server, because it's not
implemented. Go and install Mars, set your domain to whatever your
pseudo-netware server is called, and hey-presto, a list of users and
groups. Netware admin is left to you to work out..

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