Samba PDC trashes NT PDC?

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Thu Apr 16 16:31:24 GMT 1998

On Thu, 16 Apr 1998, Greg Dickie wrote:

> Aha, but is this true even if they are in different domains?

No. Only affects the domain samba is a member of.
If other domains have become affected, then are your post-SP3 fixes up to
date? Are these machines reachable via the internet? Any trace of external
attack? NT has a few holes and I wouldn't put it past some nasty type to
exploit at will.

> It wouldn't be soo bad if a reboot fixed it but the damn machine was completely
> screwed afterward. Also my os level is default (0?)

Then samba is most likely NOT your problem. If it is we would all like to

John T.

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