Samba PDC trashes NT PDC?

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Thu Apr 16 16:22:15 GMT 1998


If you turn on "domain logons = yes" and set the "os level = xx" up high
enough you can cause every NT domain controller to shut down it's "net
logon service" - very mean thing to do man! Not very nice! No!

NT can be Soooooo bad!

On Thu, 16 Apr 1998, Greg Dickie wrote:

> Hi All,
>   Haven't played with samba for awhile and man it's good to be back!
>   I grabbed a cvs copy of NTDOM and set up a PDC a couple of days ago. Seems to
> work great except for profiles but I'll figure that out. The only problem is
> that our IS guys PDC (on another domain) seemed to get screwed up right around
> the time I was tweaking the samba PDC. They finally rebooted their machine but
> it consequently would not even boot (%$##%$# NT!). My question is "Has anyone
> seen this kind of behavior?" 

No, they didn't have to reboot did they? Oh, no. But, isn't that normal
for NT? Sure it is! (;-)) Good reason to move to Samba I suspect. Maybe?

>   I don't know about any kind of restrictions on the number of PDCs (in
> different domains) on a subnet. Could it be some master browser conflict? Can
> NT be so badly done that something I do on the network can actually screw up
> the machin enough that a reboot can't fix it? Or is it just a coincidence?

No co-incidence! Plain fact. Microsoft devotees call that "Stable",
"Production Quality", "Reliable", "Well backed", "Commercial".

> Any opinions?

I am not normally opinionated, but today was not a good day!
I had to take it out somewhere and then you came along. Aren't you sorry?

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