Group Memberships & ACL permissions?

Dana Canfield canfield at
Thu Apr 16 14:28:04 GMT 1998

Sorry to bug everyone again.  Things are really starting to work well around
here, but I have one more question.  Could someone tell me what NT groups you
are a member of when validated by a Samba PDC.  I seem to have all sorts of
problems when I try modifying the read/write permissions on the NT Workstation,
even using Microsoft's own recommendations.  My only guess right now is that
users validated over the PDC aren't getting to be members of the standard
"users" group (though "everyone" doesn't seem to be working right, either).

Also, if anyone has a good, general list of how permissions should be set on the
directories to make a realtively secure, Samba-authenticated NT 4.0
installation, I would be most appreciative.

Thanks to everyone who has been so helpful the past week.


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