machine inaccessible - how to fix??

John Harper harper at banks.scar
Thu Apr 16 03:39:13 GMT 1998

I know this question doesn't really belong in this list but on the
other hand my troubles began when I was playing with NT domains served
by Samba, so maybe someone else messed things up the same way....

I originally had my NT client doing domain logins to one Samab PDC
called "banks" (which also offered some shares such as home
dirs). This worked fine until I found out a client machine can only be
in one domain. So I removed the NTDOM branch, put back the original
Samba, and moved the PDC to another machine.

I did a domain login from my NT client and it seemed to work ok
(except I did not share homes, so it could not find the roaming
profiles). But now when I attempt to connect to "banks" (the former
PDC) through the Network 'hood I get the error message "machine is
inaccessible. The storage control blocks have been destroyed". This
happens for any user on this client.

>From this client I can connect to any other Samba server, and any
other client machine can connect to banks, and as well I can connect
to banks from my client with net use.

After the failed attempt to connect via the Net'hood a net use shows
two IPC connections:
The Samba logs show nothing unusual (that I can understand - there are
no error messages at any rate).

I've reinstalled the samba client on banks, I've even changed the
netbios name and it still doesn't work. I've converted my client back
to it's original config without domain logins, and it still fails. I
turned off the PDC - in fact everything is now back the way it was
before I ever heard of NT domains..... it's still broke. I could move
to another client machine, but if I trash that too, well..

I've had no responses from other groups; the M$ web site only
references "storage control blocks" twice (once on a list of NT error
codes....); no book on NT mentions this. 

So... has anyone ever heard of this? Is there a way to fix it short of
re-installing NT?

Thanks in advance.

John Harper
Academic Computing Coordinator
University of Toronto at Scarborough
harper at

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