pam_ntdom 0.2 now available

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Wed Apr 15 18:23:31 GMT 1998


pam_ntdom 0.2 is now running and actually tested, this time, with
Linux-PAM-0.4/examples/blank.  i don't know why the only username passed
to pam_ntdom is 9316217 (i presume that this is something to do with
testing?) but there you go.

andrew, pam_ntdom.tar.gz is now a symbolic link to the latest version: no
need to update's web site.

for version 0.3, once i deal with a security issue (the default machine
trust account password is the machine's name: we haven't
reverse-engineered the mechanism to change the machine trust account yet)
then i will move it onto 

luke (samba team)

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