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Michel michel at
Wed Apr 15 16:17:02 GMT 1998

Some strange stuff going on; I configured samba (on multiple interfaces)
to be a master and a domain master browser. According to the log.nmb
this all goes well for both subnets (and samba is a domain controller).

Domain logons to the samba server go well from the win95 client,
nmblookups go well, net view \\machine on the win95 works well.. 
But the samba servert doesn't show up in the environment. What's more...
Everytime I configure the samba server's ip  to be win95's wins server,
this setting seems to be totally lost by the win95 workstation after
every reboot... winipcfg then shows an ampty field for the primary
wins server and the config'd server in the secondary field....
(and just wins disabled in the networking config).
(and no, there are no (remote) reg- or policy updates).

All this doesn't indicate a problem in samba but in the win95 workstation...
but I have no clue - anyone who might know where to start looking
for the problem ?


  Michel van der Laan	-	michel at

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