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Dana Canfield canfield at
Tue Apr 14 16:54:03 GMT 1998

Well, this has gotten quite interesting!  If I'm reading correctly, we have at
least three people who
insist that the policy files work only as ntconfig.pol, NTconfig.Pol, or
NTconfig.pol.  It seems that perhaps we should try to figure out what the
factors involved here might be.  Would it be unreasonable to ask if some people
who have this working could post their smb.conf (at least the relevant parts)
and what case they are using on the .pol file?

My guess from reading all of this is that the profiles are indeed case
sensitive, but various combinations of case sensitivity and/or file locking
options may allow samba to try more than one case, and therefore work
differently for different people.  For example, let's say that NT really does
expect NTconfig.Pol.  If we preserve case and make it case sensitive, that's
the only thing that should work.  But, if we make samba default to lowercase
and/or case insenstive, then maybe some other combinations work.  Does that
sound plausable?  In any case, I would think this is an important function of
the PDC branch, so we should probably spend some time figuring out exactly what
is going on and document how to make it work properly.

FWIW, the only case combination of those suggested that I did not try yesterday
was NTconfig.Pol.


Gerald W. Carter wrote:

> Gerald W. Carter wrote:
> >
> > Dana Canfield wrote:
> > >
> > > After a little experimentation and extrapolating from some Win '95
> > > related messages on the regular list, I think I've determined that
> > > Windows NT's "automatic" policy mode does not work with Samba.
> > > I don't quite understand this, because according to MS's guides, the
> > > Automatic mode just looks in \\PDC\NETLOGON\NTconfig.pol for the
> > > policy. However, when you switch to manual mode (e.g., pre-hack the
> > > registry) and specify this path, all is well.  Go figure.  My only
> > > guess is that maybe it has something to do with case-sensitivity, but I
> > > tried every reasonable variation of case as well.  Is this worth
> > > listing as a bug?  If for no other reason than to keep others from
> > > wasting an entire day trying to figure this out?
> > >
> >
> > Hmmm...They work fine for me.  I can verify by this by the hidden shares
> > are disabled on new workstations.  my file is named ntconfig.pol and I
> > have never had any problems with case in the filename.
> >
> >         default case = lower
> >
> > is all i have in smb.conf
> >
> Oopps.  Also have
>         preserve case = yes
> as well as  'default case = lower'
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